Pide – Turkish Pizza With Various Toppings

Nothing delicate or sophisticated, just simple, cheerful, comfy and filling. This is what pide is or Turkish Pizza in other words. This archaic way of combining a hearty dough base and meaty, cheesy or vegetarian toppings is divine, especially when it meets the goodness of a wood oven. Still tastes great even if you do not have access to a wood oven.

By the way, Ramadan starts tomorrow. I am planning to throw several dinner parties for friends and family, seems so hard  though, considering the weather and long hot days of fasting ahead…

Back to our recipe… This one in the pictures were made by me and my cousin Birsel in the weekend at my parents’ place and enjoyed by around 15 people. I’ve adjusted the recipe to 4-5 people. In case you have any left overs, you can reheat them in the oven, on the stove in a pan with the lid on or just in a microwave. They are good for breakfast as well.


Enginarli Ispanakli Tavuk Pidesi – Chicken Pide With Artichokes and Spinach

Pide is Turkish pizza. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate artichokes into your diet and don’t know how, here’s a free-of-guilt way of eating pizza, ooppps sorry, I was supposed to say, “here’s a healthy dinner recipe” instead.