Mucver – Zucchini Fritters (Turkish Style)


I picked 10-12 huge zucchinis from my mom’s garden last weekend. Well, she forcefully made me pick them. I don’t know what’s with her?! Their place is half an hour drive from Istanbul and I guess she believes that there is no  where I can buy vegies in Istanbul! Always insists that I pack bags and bags of vegetables on my way back home. We are only two people at our place, me and hubs. We go to mom’s almost every other weekend. How many kilos of vegies can a working wife cook in two weeks? How much food can two people eat? I hate wasting food, I feel like crying when something in the fridge goes off and I have to throw it away.

Anyhoo, I took the courgettes as refusing to do so would have been a very tiresome act. I decided to make fritters, Ottoman style of course. Here is the recipe for mucver (pronounced muejvar):